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So small and  yet infinite, a peanut is worth a universe.

Our game is called: everything is possible.

We enter the game with our authentic selves.

We are in the perfect place to participate and play.

We are eternal discoverers of our own potential.

We contribute it to the collective to co-create our common future.

We are all peanut.

"Creative are the people who modify the stabilized universe"

The Peanut Project is a proposal for the transformation of social, cultural and experiential practices that, from a place of otherness, invites a collective to participate in that space of difference to which we all belong. We start from an emblem that stands for smallness, the minimum element, and also the possible transformation of our idea of totality under new parameters of experience. We take different axes: mysticism, science, philosophy, art and its poetics, with a variety of visions, from there we create both a field of research and a flow of diverse practices and processes: individual, collective, communal. The proposal is always in transformation. Each new participant transforms and is transformed in this common search. We are all peanut.

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The project forms the basis for the creation of community projects that seek to rediscover our human potential; one of the experiences from which we start is the encounter with that kind of intimacy unnamable for the subject, but recognizable by the community, which undoubtedly allows us to move in other ways of feeling, seeing and thinking.

Peanut, an index, a symbol.


The naturalized universe seeks to encompass everything, a peanut wants to be empty in order to be encompassed; there... a positive virus appears. It infects and activates any individual or group willing to explore the possibilities of participating in a new community network beyond the limitations of the existing social, cultural and communication structures that define our world today. The peanut offers us the possibility to reflect, explore and share new creative ways of being and relating to each other in the recognition and development of the potential that we are each capable of bringing to the collective; we become part of the solution to our current problems and co-create our future.


Aesthetically speaking, the Peanut Project is a global relational art form.

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