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Currently, our world is in a moment of profound individual and collective transformation, where many of the old structures and paradigms that supported us are crumbling, and many still hope that some force outside of us will sustain us when this happens. Now is the time to assume our creative power as individuals and as a collective to create and implement the solutions that will allow us to move forward as humanity. Each of us, in every moment, can choose to step out of the matrix and enter the game of opening ourselves to the possibility of co-creating our future.




The Peanut Project is a community of creators driven by a social and communal purpose, with the aim of expanding its reach to include diverse communities and groups. It engages in co-creative dynamics and actions contributing to creating connection and growth, health, and well-being for all beings on the planet.

We have the minimum element to find a whole. Nothingness is our axis of transformation, the void where anything can happen. It represents the space not naturalized by the codes of conditioning, where we can explore new worlds beyond existing manipulation machines and create new dynamics of human collaboration and co-creation.

We allow ourselves to discover and explore the traces of a future where everything is possible, including our individual and collective sovereignty.





MASTER'S COLLECTION: Participation in this collection is by personal invitation.

OPEN CALLS: Soon, we will be publishing specific open calls focused on various themes. Please contact us if you would like to receive updates about this form of participation.


By investing in the initial NFT pieces created by the creators in our MASTER'S COLLECTION, who are pioneers of the project in the coming months, you help us secure the funds needed to solidify the first two phases of our project. These phases involve recruiting the collaborators we need to expand our community and develop the Peanut platform.

Our TOKEN ZERO for our FUNDING MEMBERS is currently available for purchase.


If you feel inspired to participate and collaborate with our project, whether it's in the Peanut Project or our cooperative TAKTO Mensch, please get in touch with us and tell us about your area of interest, your previous personal and professional experience, and more.

We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you!


We are interested in collaborating with existing or emerging projects whose objectives align with ours. Let's discuss the possibilities of collaboration!


PHASE 1 / Investment required: USD 25,000


Creation of Peanut MARKETPLACE / digital NFT platform:

  • Creation of the White Paper of our organization

  • Create first NFT collection 

  • Create a work team to expand our community for a year

  • Create peanut digital platform / MARKETPLACE

  • Documentation

  • Creation of material for diffusion

  • Marketing

PHASE 2 / Investment required: USD 35,000


Expansion of the physical and virtual community:

  • Incorporation of new advisers and collaborators to the team

  • Create first field actions in collaboration with the Ejido of Pedro Antonio de los Santos, Q. Roo, Mexico, through our cooperative TAKTO MENSCH. 

  • Creation and execution of open calls for the participation of individuals and other groups and initiatives to participate in our project.

  • Linking with other projects and initiatives related to our mission and vision.

  • Expand peanut digital platform

  • Documentation of activities

  • Creation of material for diffusion

  • Marketing

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